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Do We Need to See a Rash to Find Airway Centered Disorders?

Or Do We Need You?
Posted on 9/24/2019 by Foundation for Airway Health
ACD Measles
1215 cases of measles in 30 states have been reported in 2019 (through August 22), which has led to a concerned and concerted public health effort. Warning posters appear in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices and some states have even revoked religious exemptions for vaccinations.

Yet, Airway-Centered Disorder (ACD), which affects millions (at least 1/3 of all people in all states), is often unrecognized and untreated. ACD has been connected to chronic diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer. It is linked to altered growth and development, poor learning and performance, fatal accidents and reduced quality of life. There is no rash, no fever to recognize ACD, but there are Airway Advocates in growing numbers. We need more…We need you.

October 2, 2019 is the inauguration of Global Airway Health Day. The Foundation for Airway Health has launched this campaign to help all possible sufferers of ACD recognize the problem, get screened and if appropriate, get a full diagnosis and optimal treatment. The Foundation is a partnership of the public, practitioners, corporations and organizations. After all, ACD affects all of us.

The battle against the current outbreak of measles seeks to raise awareness, provide information, offer prevention, and early treatment. The FAH has the same objectives in the battle against airway/sleep disorders.

We all can be Airway Advocates and screen for ACD. Learn the signs and symptoms. Review the sleep resources page and use the free sleep inventory for yourself, your family and others.

With your help Global Airway Health Day will be a turning point in battling this airway/sleep epidemic.
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