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How We Breathe is How We Are

Posted on 11/19/2019 by Foundation for Airway Health

Look around! Do you notice anyone who is not breathing at all? Of course not. Everyone who is alive is breathing. But how are they breathing? With what effort? With what cost in energy and compensation? There are some who like fine-tuned automobiles function very efficiently, with less effort than others. They are healthy and accomplish things easily, reaching higher goals with energy to spare. But many work harder, using more energy, and function slower and less effectively. They constantly seek treatment for health and performance issues, sometime improving, but never becoming completely well. Each decade brings new health challenges to these people. Underlying these challenges is the basic fact that every cell of requires oxygen to produce ATP - the fuel for cellular function, to let them communicate and work in concert with other cells. The brain and heart require the most fuel, a constantly available supply. When these demands are not met due to any compromise in the flow of oxygen, imbalances occur and health, performance and quality of life suffer.

The good news almost everyone can breathe better, sleep better and have a more open and functioning airway. Where to start? Information on our website can help you identify airway problems in yourself or those you observe. Review our free sleep resources and find out if you are at risk.

For medical help, the Foundation's growing directory of practitioners can guide you to a practitioner who is committed to recognizing and screening all patients.

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