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AIRWAY, BREATHING & SLEEP: Optimizing All for Optimal Health

Posted on 1/15/2020 by Foundation for Airway Health
As a member of the Board of the Foundation for Airway Health, I am dedicated to helping the public and the medical community understand the critical importance of airway health, proper breathing, and sleep. They are all interrelated. From a public perspective, recognition of the condition of your airway and how you breathe in related to how you sleep is just beginning to gain traction. That said, how you breathe during your waking hours is critical as well. Breathing is a 24/7 requirement for life. Are you breathing properly? If not, why? Is your airway compromised? How does this relate to your sleep?

A few years ago I wrote an article for Thrive Global, Are You Breathing Properly? Are Your Children? , with the intent to spark attention to how we breathe. The quest continues. In my work as The Sleep Ambassador and Director of Sleep Health at Resonea, I am exposed to people and corporate employees across the globe who struggle with sleep. In addition to sleep issues, I witness how many people do not know that nasal breathing is optimal, and that mouth breathing is not. We breathe to live, but due to airway or nasal constriction, habit, congestion, or other issues, improper breathing may be compromising our health and our sleep. No longer can I address sleep without including airway health and proper breathing.

The Foundation for Airway Health is on an important mission to raise awareness about airway health, proper breathing, and healthy sleep by providing information and resources to guide the public, as well as the medical community, to take action to foster airway health, and in turn, overall health. In doing so today, especially for our children, we can mitigate the developmental, learning, behavior, and health risks associated with poor breathing and compromised airway function. For adults, the sooner airway issues are addressed, the more likely comorbidities such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, depression, and others can be avoided before they become chronic and health declines. Airway health, breathing, and sleep are interdependent. Be sure to connect with your physician or a specialist if you suspect you have an airway or breathing issue or are at risk for a sleep disorder. See AIRWAY HEALTH on the Nav bar on the Foundation for Airway Health website to seek more information or a provider.

Recognizing that everyone needs a good night’s sleep, if you, a family member, your patients, or your colleagues are in need of sleep improvement, the Foundation for Airway Health in collaboration with Resonea, a sleep health technology company, are offering SLEEP WELL/LIVE WELL, a virtual 4-week, self-managed sleep improvement program.

Learn more and register. You can improve your sleep and support the Foundation for Airway Health.
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