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Our Lives in the Post-Coronavirus World

Message from Director Howard G. Hindin DDS
Posted on 4/8/2020 by Foundation for Airway Health
Howard Hindin G
The virus will run its course. Here in New York, we are still seeing increasing death tolls with every day, but we will get past this, and the world will be different.

Our healthcare system, confronted with its deficiencies, is stepping up to the challenge so we may be better prepared when (not if) the next epidemic/pandemic presents itself. One of the glaring deficiencies has been the lack of adequate stockpiles of medical supplies and resources: masks, ventilators and PPE (personal protection equipment). It is hoped there will be a lesson learned and this situation will be corrected. It is further hoped that public health system will be as well-armed, protected, and funded as our armed forces.

Just as our healthcare system works to stockpile adequate resources for the future, we too can take steps to ensure that important internal resources are stockpiled. It is reported that many of the severe and fatal cases of Covid are a result of an over-responsive immune system. In these cases our own immune response is out of control, damaging our own tissues and organs. The good news is steps can be taken to fine tune the immune system- and many of these steps you can take on your own.

The Foundation was created to bring you information about the far-reaching health effects of airway and sleep disorders (ACD). If you have visited our website you know the connection between ACD and inflammation, chronic disease and more. The alterations in physiology caused by ACD also increase the risk of more severe problems from the coronavirus.

We all should have the knowledge and care to build our internal inventories that include a fine-tuned modulated immune system, an optimal airway, a system free of chronic inflammation, and adequate energy reserves fueled by optimal nutrition and oxygen for the optimal function of every cell. We should be able to move freely, sleep well, and have peace of mind and body. Research should be supported to expand the use of resources such as stem cell and peptide therapy to aid in reducing the burden of chronic inflammation and chronic disease. Becoming proactive and having a well-tuned immune system today offers the possibility for a longer, safer, and better quality of life where one’s full potential can be reached.

Let us learn the lessons of today for a healthier life in the post-pandemic world.
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