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And Then...

A Message from the Director
Posted on 4/22/2020 by Foundation for Airway Health

by Howard Hindin DDS

Tuesday April 21 was a raw, rainy and windy day outside; and then …

Inside, the TV shared unending news about ongoing COVID-19 threats, our damaged economy and when we may possibly get back to our lives and work; and then...

We enter our 5th week of homebound isolation. And then...

On the afternoon of Tuesday, April 21, I led a webinar called The Nasal Breathing Summit. It was produced and sponsored by Collaboration Cures, the American Academy of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry (AAPMD), The Breathe Institute, the American College for Advancement of Medicine (ACAM), and the Foundation for Airway Health. More than 500 attended from around the world listening to physicians, dentists, and other practitioners discuss the importance of nasal breathing for health, growth and development, learning and performance.

I was heartened by the passion and enthusiasm both speakers and audience. I know the post COVID-19 world will be different and believe it is an opportunity for it to be better. I see a world where informed healthcare consumers truly partner with groups of collaborating healthcare practitioners to educate and intervene when risks develop. In this world we will not only be better prepared for the next novel virus, but start to win the battle against our current ongoing epidemic of chronic disease, which reduces performance, causes learning difficulties, and limits human potential.

At the very moment the webinar ended and I looked out the window. The skies were clearing, the sun was emerging and over the bridge a rainbow appeared. I view it as a sign. Please join me and make the post-Covid world a safer, healthier world. Become an Airway Advocate of the Foundation for Airway Health. Educate yourself, your family, friends and community. Build protection now for the future. Take charge of your health today.

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