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Closing is Not an Option
A Message from the Director
Posted on 6/3/2020 by Foundation for Airway Health
A friend asked me this morning, “With all that is going on, did you think about closing your practice?” I realized then, I did not. Closing was not an option!

Yes, our dental practice was closed and our staff furloughed. Dentistry was relegated to a place of high risk and considered non-essential. No one could suggest when we could reopen again or what the rules, regulations and conditions would be, or how much would it cost. Closing was not an option!

I have concerns for my family, friends, colleagues, and our country. My mind is flooded with thoughts about health, about finances, and about how our country will survive. The news fills me with horror, sadness and anger. How can we survive? Closing is not an option!

Think about this. The pandemic opened our eyes to the deficiencies of the healthcare system and the medical supply chain. The financial devastation that followed showed how precarious our economy is. The George Floyd killing and following demonstrations made it clear that longstanding, unaddressed problems do not go away, but fester and grow. We must keep our eyes wide open. Closing is not an option!

How do we find hope? There is some good news: A new survey shows that people will put more time and energy toward self-care and better health. This perfect storm we are experiencing may be just the kick we need to finally see, understand and address all these issues. There is no other choice. Closing is not an option!

The mission of our Foundation is to help all achieve better lives and realize their potential. We do this by raising awareness and offering guidance to care for airway, sleep and breathing problems. It has been a struggle. Closing was not an option!

Let us all use this unprecedented moment in our lives. Let’s not pray for things to return to the way they were. Let us all keep our eyes and ears open to what we did not see and hear before, our minds open to the thoughts of others and our hearts to a future where we will be healed as individuals, communities, and country. We can only do this together. We have no choice. Closing is not an option!

- Howard G. Hindin, DDS
355 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10017
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