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Let's Take Charge of Our Health

by Howard G. Hindin, DDS
Posted on 8/26/2020 by Foundation for Airway Health
Hindin Howard GI believe our Foundation message needs to be heard by everyone as we all face the challenges and uncertainties of the COVID 19 pandemic.

A little more than a month from now we will be celebrating O2 Day - Global Airway Health Day. This year, awareness of how we breathe and sleep- and the structure and function of our airways- is more important than ever. Today’s unidentified airway problems are important risk factors for tomorrow’s development of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's and others. They are also recognized risk factors leading to obesity, poor performance, learning problems and behavior issues.

They are also risk factors in the severity and mortality of COVID-19. The coronavirus is a respiratory disease. Death often results from the loss of the ability to breathe. Complications arise from an exaggerated immune response, the “cytokine storm.” In this storm the unregulated immune system causes collateral damage to healthy tissues and organs - damaging the heart, nervous system, brain and more. Recent evidence suggest even those who have recovered continue to suffer from the damage of the “storm.”

Daily we are reminded about necessary safety and protection protocols; wear a mask, wash hands, and maintain social distancing. These are all recommended measures for protection from threats around us. At the same time we should pay attention to the threats within. A healthy immune system is one that meets each threat with a measured and appropriated response. Chronic inflammation, poor sleep, restricted airways and less-than-ideal breathing are conditions that damage and alter immune response.

Most of us are not aware of an existing problem until there is a significant change in our health - and even then the airway component is not recognized.

Learn more about how you can identify and treat your airway problem. Protect yourself when you are out in the reopening world. Build protection fo yourself and family at the same time. If you are exposed to COVID - be the mild or asymptomatic case. A vaccine may come sooner - or not.

Now more than ever we must all take charge of our health.
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