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Posted on 12/18/2020 by Foundation for Airway Health
Carol, age 52, suffered from fatigue, chronic pain and brain fog for many years. She had ‎been diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. No ‎one had considered her airway, sleep and breathing. ‎

John, 22, was home from college because of COVID-19; he was thinking about not returning. ‎He had always received high grades and was judged a fine student, but had to work long and ‎hard hours to do so. Over the past year, the stresses of school and the pandemic had become ‎overwhelming. No one had considered his airway, sleep and breathing. ‎

Tiffany, 4, appears to be a beautiful, healthy looking child. With cheerful personality and ‎delightful smile, there is no indication of an underlying health problem. No one even ‎considered her airway, sleep and breathing. ‎

These are just three stories of the increasing numbers who have discovered a hidden piece to ‎their health through the work of the Foundation for Airway Health. Since its inception, the ‎Foundation has changed lives through the information and services it is able to provide to ‎raise awareness about airway, sleep and breathing. In 2020, the Foundation presented the ‎first Global Airway Health Day, BREATHE-A-THON, a 12-hour event reaching over 1 ‎million people in 36 countries. In 2020, passionate and caring practitioners have donated ‎over $350,000 in airway care from screening to testing and treatment. In 2021, the ‎Foundation plans to do more. Despite the pandemic, our supporters have made 2020 a year of ‎success achievement. Help make 2021 even better. Every donation will make a difference in ‎a life.‎

Carol, John and Tiffany have since been evaluated and tested, and are currently being treated ‎for now discovered airway problems. Carol is aware of improvement she had not noticed ‎before. John reports reduced anxiety and clearer thinking. Tiffany’s mom has learned the ‎far-reaching, life-altering effects of an airway problem. Tiffany is beginning comprehensive ‎collaborative care. It is hoped it will change her direction of growth and avoid suffering a ‎future similar to Carol and John.‎

You can help others like Carol, John, and Tiffany in 2021. Be part of our community. ‎

We all share the same air, all have or know someone who has an airway problem. We can all ‎be part of the solution. Support the Foundation for Airway Health. Make a year-end ‎donation. Every contribution will make a difference in someone’s life. ‎

Help make 2021 even better. Every donation will make a difference in a life.‎

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