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A Strong Offense is the Best Defense
Posted on 1/28/2021 by Foundation for Airway Health
A Strong Offense is the Best Defense

In the world of military thinking, having a strong, trained and prepared armed forces will ‎not only protect from attack but will even prevent attack. George Washington knew and ‎said, “Make them believe, that offensive operations, often times, are the surest, if not the ‎only (in some cases) means of defence.” ‎

We all have our own internal armed force - our immune system. Is yours strong, trained and ‎prepared? The attack we are all facing requires a strong offense.‎

We are now a year into the pandemic with 100,000,000 cases and over 2 million deaths ‎world-wide. The United States has 25% of the cases and 20% of the deaths. COVID has ‎shown what was already known. We spend more money on healthcare, yet we become more ‎unhealthy. ‎

The tentacles of the pandemic have spread to all parts of our world economies and every ‎corner of society. In one year, we are living in a different world. Fear, anxiety, and ‎uncertainty have become constant companions replacing neighbors, colleagues and friends. ‎We are more isolated and divided. Survival has become the goal. But it doesn’t have to be ‎that way.‎

We can turn this crisis into opportunity. We have done it before. In 1941 we were unaware, ‎isolated, and unprepared. After the attack on Pearl Harbor we became united like no other ‎time in our history. In months we were producing tanks, ships and planes for ourselves and ‎for our allies - a clear example of what can be done together, when we are united and ‎involved.‎

Many are waiting for the vaccine to protect and free them from their isolation. Yet, we will ‎still need to mask, distance, and hand sanitize for many months as we wait to see how ‎protective the vaccine will be. ‎

This is a wonderful opportunity to take charge of your health - to build a strong and ‎prepared immune system: an immune system with well-trained troops ready to act with a ‎measured response to any threat that comes along; an immune system not damaged by ‎chronic inflammation, chronic stress, insufficient nutrition or an inadequate structural and ‎functioning airway.‎

We can reverse the declining health of our society and offer our children a better future. ‎Together we can achieve better health for ourselves, our families, our community, our ‎country and our world. ‎

During this past year, in spite of the pandemic, the Foundation for Airway Health has grown ‎and has expanded the reach of its mission and message. Working alongside the AAPMD, The ‎Breathe Institute and other organizations, we are building a community of collaboration and ‎caring. Yes, we are focused on airway - it is the priority that keeps us alive. How we breathe ‎is how we live. For most of us we are not aware of how we breathe - but we are aware of ‎how we are living. A well-functioning airway is essential to our health and the growth, ‎development and learning of our children. The health of our Airway cannot be isolated from ‎nutrition, movement, stress, and inflammation. That is why the Foundation is working with ‎physicians, dentists, physical therapists, speech language pathologists, myofunctional ‎therapists, functional medicine doctors, and the most important member of our collaborative ‎team, you, the public.‎

In this time of threat, take a deep breath moment. Learn more! Understand the connections! ‎Airway unites us all. We all need a good airway to breathe, to live, to learn, to grow and to ‎realize our potential. Let’s start with this one unifying factor. ‎

Whether you are a practitioner or member of the public, you all have something to learn and ‎something to teach. Make a commitment to yourself to use the information for yourself and ‎others. You must be involved. Share your stories. Host a virtual meeting in your community, ‎your school, your social group - or - make a donation to the Foundation.‎

Some give by doing; others do by giving.‎

Remember - Never give up. Get started on doing what you need to do- no matter how tough ‎the journey is going to be. Look to us, your allies - you have many in our growing ‎community. We all have to breathe. We are all impacted by poor airway structure and ‎function, children the most. Let’s all work together to start giving them back their future. ‎We can do it.‎
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