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2018 Greater New York Dental Meeting Video Presentations

2017 Greater New York Dental Meeting Presentations

  • Physiologic Approach For Oral Appliance Therapy - Dr. Sahag Mahseredjian, DMD
  • Dr. Sahag Mahseredjian, DMD talks about raising the bar in oral appliance dentistry.

  • OMT and Sleep Disordered Breathing - Marc Moeller
  • Marc Moeller gives an overview of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT).

  • AIRWAY-kening Dentistry In The New Post-Retraction Orthodontic Era - Dr. William M Hang, DDS
  • Dr. William M Hang, DDS overs his experience and philosophy on Airway-Centric care and calls for a paradigm shift in dentistry today.

  • Using Heart Rate Variability to Treat OSA and TMJ - Dr. John H. Tucker, DMD
  • Dr. John H. Tucker, DMD talks about his experience with his son's issue with disorder breathing and his efforts to further airway advocacy to better treat patients.

  • An Introduction to Airway Orthodontics - Dr. Barry D. Raphael, DMD
  • Dr. Barry D. Raphael, DMD talks about the next step of Dentistry needs to take in terms of sleep disordered breathing.

  • Learn to Recognize the Signs and How to Treat Airway Health Issues - Nancy H. Rothstein, MBA
  • Nancy H. Rothstein, MBA talks about the patients with a compromised airway and importance of airway health.

  • Mouth-Body Connection - Dr. Jeffrey S. Hindin, DDS
  • Dr. Jeffrey S. Hindin, DDS (The Hindin Center) talks about is research and cutting edge technologies of what doctors can see in their patients today in relation to airway health.

  • What's Next? Airway Centric - Dr. Dewitt Wilkerson, DMD
  • Dr. Dewitt Wilkerson, DMD talks about his experience in his work with joint and airway health.

  • Medical Dental Connection - Collaborative Care: Key to the Future - Dr. Jerald H. Simmons, MD
  • Neurologist Dr. Jerald H. Simmons, MD explains the responsibility and importance of collaborative care in terms of sleep disorders.

  • TITLE - Dr. Payam Ataii, DMD
  • Dr. Payam Ataii, DMD talks about his experiences with patients and dives into the techniques he's explored for airway health.

  • UARS - The Grey Zone Means More Than You Think - Dr. Steve Cartensen, DDS
  • Dr. Steve Cartensen, DDS Diplomate, ABDSM, Demonstrates ways for identifying and screening patients for airway health issues pertaining to sleep.

  • Dental Sleep Medicine in the Army - CPT Michael S. Pagano, DDS
  • CPT Michael S. Pagano, DDS talks about what the United States Service is doing today to help their men and women.

  • TITLE - Dr. Leonard B. Kobren, DDS
  • Dr. Leonard B. Kobren, DDS Dr. Leonard B Kobren, DDS is a Dentist primarily located in White Plains, NY. He has 46 years of experience and specializes in prosthodontics.

  • An Obstructed Airway: One Parent's Perspective - Lee Yonish
  • Lee Yonish talks about her tireless search for treatment for her son, and the importance of reaching the patients we need to reach most.

  • From Trauma to Transcendence - Dr. Steven Lamberg, DDS
  • Dr. Steven Lamberg, DDS, DABDSM talks about uncovering your patients airway problems and helping them to transcend to overall better airway health.

  • Increasing Recognition of Airway, Breathing and Sleeping Disorders - Dr. Michael Gelb, DDS, MS
  • Introduction by Howard Hindin, DDS and Barry Raphael, DMD for GNYDM 2017 Airway Summit - Dr. Michael L. Gelb DDS, MS, (Co-author of Gasp!: Airway Health - The Hidden Path To Wellness) explores the overall importance of sleep, and serving the needs of patients in terms of airway health.
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